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Using Techsmith Snagit For Screenshots

I love screenshots as visual backup resources for my teachers and admin staff, they just work. For On a long Shady time I’ve been using the regular to ol’ print screen & edit in Photoshop method to create feature rich screenshots and it works great. However, when I was at ISTE this wholesale jerseys year I learned about TechSmith’s Sangit. It’s a dual Chrome wholesale Arizona Cardinals jerseys application & Extension Miami Dolphins Jerseys that allows you to create screenshots & video wholesale NBA jerseys screencasts all within the LabVIEW browser. Mind blown. It’s beautiful, simple, and way faster than my old print screen & Photoshop method. Alas, maybe not as feature rich, but it does everything I need it to do, plus it works on our ChromeBooks as well. Here’s short video on how it works.

Enjoy! If you cheap jerseys have any questions drop me a line.

Snagit Chrome Application: http://goo.gl/77Zqk1
Snagit Chrome Extension:  <a href="http://goo pharmacie du viagra.gl/3iJpQr” target=”_blank”>http://goo.gl/3iJpQr

Chomebook Updates On Our Network

The last two weeks wholesale jerseys we’ve started doing online testing <a href="http://destiut le prix du viagra en pharmacie.com/utile/auto/why-shop-online-football-shirt-sites/”>Why for benchmarks. This is the first time we’ve done any online testing, chomebooks are new to cheap jerseys us, and we’re trying to test hundreds of students at once. Best two weeks ever? Yup.

The only issue we’ve come across (surprisingly) was super for duper slow internet speeds. We don’t have a ton of bandwidth, but surely we had enough to test our students. That brought me to our Merkai Dashboard. That’s where I found this.


Obviously our CB’s are eating up all of our bandwidth with Chrome Updates. Why didn’t we update Chrome when we rolled out? I have no idea, but we didn’t. CDU… First I had to figure out how to either limit traffic to Google, or spread these updates across multiple days. Guess what? cheap jerseys Google already had this VA figured out for me. In the domain admin console you can spread your updates cheap jerseys across multiple days. Thank you, Google. Here is the screenshot of our new settings.

2014-09-18_00-06-09After making these few changes our bandwidth usage dropped dramatically and now we’re updating across multiple days. If you have any questions about our current config drop me a line.


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