I love screenshots as visual backup resources for my teachers and admin staff, they just work. For On a long Shady time I’ve been using the regular to ol’ print screen & edit in Photoshop method to create feature rich screenshots and it works great. However, when I was at ISTE this wholesale jerseys year I learned about TechSmith’s Sangit. It’s a dual Chrome wholesale Arizona Cardinals jerseys application & Extension Miami Dolphins Jerseys that allows you to create screenshots & video wholesale NBA jerseys screencasts all within the LabVIEW browser. Mind blown. It’s beautiful, simple, and way faster than my old print screen & Photoshop method. Alas, maybe not as feature rich, but it does everything I need it to do, plus it works on our ChromeBooks as well. Here’s short video on how it works.

Enjoy! If you cheap jerseys have any questions drop me a line.

Snagit Chrome Application: http://goo.gl/77Zqk1
Snagit Chrome Extension:  <a href="http://goo pharmacie du viagra.gl/3iJpQr” target=”_blank”>http://goo.gl/3iJpQr

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